October news update

News on all four commissions is enclosed here including some key dates and information:

  • Saturday 12 November, 10 – 12.30pm, Belmont Chapel, Exeter: Marc Yeats introductory workshop
  • Wednesday 16 November, 7 – 9.30pm, Weymouth venue tbc: John Surman rehearsal for all Weymouth/Portland choirs conducted by Howard Moody
  • Thursday 17 November, 7 – 9pm, Lighthouse Poole: Nick Cave rehearsal for all Poole choirs conducted by Howard Moody
  • Website and password details to download scores and audio files for Nick Cave and John Surman scores

All this, plus a list of participating choirs. If you expect to see your choir listed here, and are happy for individual singers to contact you to join your rehearsals, please drop me a line at info@coastalvoices.co.uk and I’ll update the list.   



One thought on “October news update

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