Battle for the Winds – take part

Something to share from our friends producing Battle for the Winds in Weymouth and Portland as part of Maritime Mix 2012:

On the evening of 28th July, the finale of the spectacular show “Battle For The Winds” will be 2012 people wading into the sea with fire torches to represent the releasing of the winds for the start of the Olympic Games.

“Battle For The Winds” would like to offer the opportunity to local people first, either from Weymouth and Portland or resident in  Dorset. If you know of any individuals or groups you think might like to do this, please pass this e-mail onto them, or post it on Facebook! Groups might include scouts and guides, military, theatre groups, youth clubs, dance clubs,etc …any age welcome!

If you want to volunteer yourself or sign up your group then either call 0117 939 3902 or sign up directly on their website at

Please see attached pdf file for further details.

This is something to tell your grandchildren and a once in a lifetime opportunity…


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