What to wear…

Some of you have been in touch to ask what you will be wearing for Coastal Voices performances this summer. As an alternative to the T shirts we proposed a while back, there have been suggestions of singers wearing plain black with a scarf, tie or similar accessory in sea colours of blues and greens.

We’d welcome your thoughts on this, so please leave comments here. And if anyone out there knows a T shirt printer who might like to work with us, please let us know.



16 thoughts on “What to wear…

  1. How’s about Jurassic Coast colours? From triassic red (I think I just coined a phrase!) through blue lias, white chalk, yellow oolite, pale portland etc?? Plus blue for the sea?We might want to agree on just one or two of these…Daisy

  2. Or people could wear the colour(s) that best represent the rocks for their part of the coast:Devon: rusty red/ whiteWest Dorset: blue lias/ yellow ooliteWeymouth & Portland: blue/ green (marine) and white (portland)Purbeck, east Dorset and Poole: blue/ green (marine) and grey (purbeck)Or something? Daisy

  3. I think the idea of a basic black top with a colourful scarf or similar is a good idea. Easy for most people to put together. The only problem I suppose is that if by chance it is a very hot day, black can make you feel even hotter. A top of an agreed colour for each choir could work well. What do others think?

  4. I think black clothes with blue or green scarf/tie is a good idea because most people probably have this or could borrow or get from a charity shop. Lovely to think it might be hot enough to be too hot!

  5. I think all in black will look best and then everyone can wear something of their own they feel comfy in. It looks good in the photo on the coastal voices website that shows a choir all in black with Howard Moody conducting. I also like the idea of scarves or accessories, but think they need to be either same or at least same colours. I think most local choirs in Wey/Portland use blue/green, so they may be best. However, I will go with the flow! :-)http://www.coastalvoices.co.uk/pages/performances

  6. Black is great… and scarves/ties easy… and cheap!.Tops in blues and greens would be very attractive. Lots of the singers in the SW sing for water aid, the charity… and therefore already have blue tops. If everyone has notice am sure we could rustle up plain tops in alternative colours… maybe picked from Daisy’s impressiv list!

  7. Why not just choose cheap T shirts from M&S, BHS, Primark in 2/3 or 4 shades of blue and green chosen by the organisers.. Cheap to buy, will look simple, colourful and obtainable in all sizes. Then there is no need for scarves which will be more expensive and vary in the way everyone will want to tie them. and avoid getting so hot in black, should we get a heatwave!. Nicer for the audience to see a blend of similar colours rather than black with a splash of colour round the neck. Given a choice of colours (either v neck or round neck) to chose from everyone can either chose the colour that suits them best or put sops, altos, tenors, basses in a different colour to produce a flow of colours on stage.

  8. does it have to be black clothes why not white with coloured scarfs that way if it is hot we will not over heat what do you think?

  9. Why not everyone have a printed sash, they are really cheap, come in loads of colours, we can adapt them to fit everyone, they could be printed with COASTAL VOICES, then they could be coloured for sections, or not. we could wear them over whatever we like as long as it was black, skirt , trousers, dress whatever people are most comfortable in.I had a quick look herehttp://www.printedsashes.co.uk/sizes/and we could get 500 at £1.26 each (includes set up cost, for just one colour print)I am sure we all have something that blends and it would keep the cost down and its something we could all keep as a momento, that won’t take up much space either, and a safety pin would keep them attached to our shoulders of our clothes. we wont get hot or sweaty, unless we choose to, and it can be seen from a distance

  10. I don’t ike the idea of black, too dark and not at all summery especially as the performance is on the beach. Maybe we should wear beige(sandy colour) or white and then add blue/green accessories – scarf / tie / jewellery or t-shirts as previous suggestions.

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  12. <font color=’black’ size=’2′ face=’arial’><FONT style="BACKGROUND-COLOR: transparent" face="Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif">I like the idea of white with added blue green scarfs/accessories this would be a very bright light summery look

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