Exeter/Poole travel 8 July

A Carmel Coach is booked to leave South Street coach bays (opposite KFC) at 1130 on Sunday 8 July. Estimated return time is 2200.

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There will be also be a pick up at Hunters Lodge Inn at Raymonds Hill on A35.  

Travel is free for singers. If you are bringing family/friends for the day, they will need to book a space on the bus for £10 return (£7.50 for under 16s). Please book your space through the Lighthouse Box Office on 0844 406 8666.  

The full schedule – including what to wear, what to bring etc – for 8 July is online at http://www.coastalvoices.co.uk/8-july-lighthouse-schedule

And if you haven’t already seen it, check out the fantastic mention sturzstrom got in the Guardian last weekend at http://www.coastalvoices.co.uk/sturzstrom-in-guardian-guide




Sturzstrom performance, Beer Quarry Caves, 1 June 2012 by Maisie Hill


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