FINAL Weymouth email (sent 24 July)

Firstly, a huge thank you for all singers who performed in Poole on 8 July and London on Sunday. I can hardly believe we’re in the final days before our last performance in Weymouth!

This will be the last email you receive before the performance on Friday as I’m at rehearsals/working on site from Wednesday. It is now your responsibility to check the website for any changes or updates to the schedule. To make it easier, why not just subscribe to the website and you will receive a message in your inbox whenever there is a new post and you’ll be sure not to miss anything.

Some updates:



  • Weather forecast is currently dry and sunny! Please wear weather-appropriate clothes and bring sun cream. If it does return to rain, please note that we’re on an uncovered stage (apart from the East Devon performance in the ICCI 360 arena) and umbrellas are not allowed on stage.
  • Singers from BT River of Music may wear the T shirt they wore in London on 22 July if they wish. Otherwise, please stick to the greens/blues etc that you all wore in Poole on 8 July.


  • Please fill in the form at to indicate whether you are meeting us at Weymouth College (whether you are coming by coach or making your own way) or backstage (advised if you are travelling by train or arriving in Weymouth on park and ride bus).
  • A map showing the backstage meeting point is now online at It is important you familiarise yourself with this location whether you are meeting us there or walking from Weymouth College. 
  • Please also specify on the form  whether you are buying a packed lunch (£2.50) from Weymouth College. We need to confirm numbers by Wednesday 25 July. This is our recommended food option for the day and we anticipate it will be the popular choice – it will be far better priced than anything you can find in town, and you won’t actually have time to pick anything else up.
  • Coach arrival times and schedules are updated here (enclosed pdf) to allow time for singers to buy packed lunch from Weymouth College. Also, we’ve amended the timings for the Poole choir once you arrive at Weymouth College, so you will be able to get to the beach in time to hear the John Surman/Weymouth performance. 
  • Exeter coach will depart South Street coach bay (opp KFC, as before) at 1200. It is a Dartline coach. It will depart Weymouth College at 2200. There are a limited number of tickets available for friends and family to travel with the singers – please buy through Lighthouse Box Office. There is a map online at – please familiarise yourself with the location of the arena in advance of walking from Weymouth College. 
  • There is no individual car parking for singers at Weymouth College. Please do not drive there and expect to be able to park!
  • If you are coming by coach and are unable to walk 20 minutes to site from Weymouth College, please email me and I will add you to the list for the shuttle service. Please note this service is limited and offered to those with mobility and access needs. You may prefer to book blue badge parking in town and meet us at the Live Site backstage point. 
  • If you haven’t been successful in getting a coach ticket from Poole to Weymouth, please consider getting the train around midday. A group of 4 can travel for about £6 pp return. The train station is in the centre of town, and you can then meet the group at the backstage meeting point at the appointed time.

Wednesday 25 July: Holy Trinity Church, 7 – 9pm (John Surman/Songs for a Coastal Wind)
Thursday 26 July: Lyme Regis, 10am – 3pm (John K Miles/On Golden Cap)
Thursday 26 July: Exeter Phoenix, 6 – 8pm (Marc Yeats/Sturzstrom)
Thursday 26 July: Lighthouse Concert Hall, 7 – 9pm (Nick Cave songs)

  • Wristbands will be distributed at rehearsals on Wednesday 25 (Weymouth), Thursday 26 (Poole, Lyme Regis). No wristbands are required for East Devon singers in the ICCI360 arena.
  • No tickets are required to be part of the audience on Friday 27 July (this applies to both the Live Site and ICCI 360 Arena).


  • Images of rehearsals and performances will soon be available through our photographer Maisie Hill’s website and we’ll publish a link from the Coastal Voices site.   
  • I will also be posting on the website to ask for your feedback on the project as we enter this final stage. Please keep a look out for it and we would appreciate a few minutes of your time for a response. The more feedback we can gather, the stronger case we can make for developing work of this kind in the region, gather some of your stories and experiences of taking part, and learn about what we could improve/change for next time!

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